US Militray On The Move

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We help our military move.  We give back to our service members, by providing credits/rebates for purchasing or selling a home.  You, the client, will be getting top of the line service from myself, our lenders, escrow, and title.  You have made the decision to help take care of us. Now it’s our turn to take care of you.
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Money Back

I give 20% of my commission back as a credit at close of escrow.

Lender Credit

My partner, Newrez Financial offers a $1495 credit for Veteran borrower(s) and a $500 credit for non-veteran borrower(s).

Escrow Credit

An offer of 25% off the base escrow fee for active-duty and Veterans is offered by my Partner Hallmark/Coast Cities Escrow.

Title Discount

My partner, Western Resources Title offers a 10% reduction of the homeowner’s title policy for active-duty and Veterans.

Active Duty, Retired Military and Wounded Warriors

Take advantage of this special benefit as our way of saying thank you.


U.S. Military On The Move is a program that provides free real estate rebates when you buy or sell a home.

To Be Eligible you must be active-duty, retired military (honorably or generally discharged), or a wounded warrior.  Direct family members are also able to take advantage of portions of this program. A copy of your military I.D. or DD 214 will need to be provided.  If you do not have a copy of your DD 214, we can assist you in acquiring it.

Mike Mendez Realty and First Team Real Estate will guide you through the process with our experience and knowledge.  We will take care of you with the same care that you have shown in taking care of us.

When You Sell or Purchase A Home using Military On The Move, you’ll receive credits/rebates at closing (based on the actual sales price) from us, your broker, as well as our partnering escrow, title and lender. 

If You Are Looking To Rent A Home we can provide valuable information about the area’s rental rates as well as local practices.  We can even send you listings that match your search criteria.


Rebates are not the only reason to choose who represents you.  It’s just as important to choose someone who is hardworking, honest, knowledgeable and organized.  Mike Mendez Realty provides that and more. If you are moving out of the area or even out of the state, we can help you find the right agent to work with, through our partnering brokerages across the country, that are also approved for the U.S. Military On The Move program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can My Family Take Advantage Of This Program?

Yes!  Portions of this program are available to surviving spouses, children and siblings of any military personnel.  The rebate from myself and my brokerage of 20% of my commission will still be provided as well as a $500 credit from my partnering lender Newrez Financial (should you choose to use them for your loan).

Can I Take Advantage Of This Program If I Am Getting A VA Loan With No Money Down?

Yes!  In addition to the credits from myself, escrow and title, my partner Newrez Financial will allow you to use your credit of $1,495 to buy down the interest rate on your loan.

Do I Have To Use Your Escrow, Title and Lender?

No.  I can work with any preferred vendors you choose.  My rebate of 20% of my commission still applies. However, I cannot guarantee that the lender, title company and escrow company will be willing to offer the same rebates as my partners.

Is There A Limit To The Rebate You Offer?

No.  My commission is based on a percentage of the purchase price of the property.  There is no standard for commission as it is negotiable. Obviously, the higher the purchase price the higher my commission.  What that means for you is, the higher my commission the more I am able to give back to you as a credit.

If I Am Selling My House And Purchasing Another, Can I Take Advantage Of The Program Twice?

Yes!  In fact, there is no limit to the amount of times that you can take advantage of the program  Every time you buy or sell a property you can take advantage of this program. This also applies to direct family members.

Can I Take Advantage Of This Program If I Am Moving To A Different State?

This program is available in most states across the country.  However, there are 10 states whose state laws do not allow us to offer rebates.  These states are Alabama, Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon and Tennessee. 

  1. Alabama law prohibits brokers from offering consumers rebates. In practice, the Alabama Real Estate Commission permits rebates before closing but forbids cash Payments or other incentives offered after closing.
  2. Alaska law prohibits real estate brokers from sharing their commissions with unlicensed individuals and, since consumers are not licensed real estate brokers, home buyers and sellers in Alaska cannot benefit from consumer rebates.
  3. Iowa law prohibits consumers from receiving consumer rebates when more than one broker assists them to buy or sell property. For example, two brokers may believe that each has a specialty in particular parts of the real estate transaction and wish to divide up the work to focus on what each does best. In such a situation, the home buyer may not receive a rebate.
  4. Kansas law prohibits real estate brokers from competing with each other by offering consumer rebates. This reduces the ability of consumers to benefit from competition among brokers. However, according to the Kansas Real Estate Commission, real estate brokers may offer their customers use of moving vans, charitable donations, coupons, closing costs, homeowner warranties, inspections, home repairs, and insurance among other things in the course of the real estate transaction.
  5. Louisiana law prohibits real estate brokers from paying rebates to home buyers and Sellers and insulates real estate brokers from competing with each other to offer services to consumers at competitive prices.
  6. Mississippi law prohibits real estate brokers from paying rebates to home buyers and sellers. If any real estate broker attempts to compete on price by offering consumer rebates, the Mississippi Real Estate Commission may suspend or revoke a broker’s license.
  7. Missouri law, according to the Missouri Real Estate Commission, prohibits consumer rebates. The law prohibits unlicensed individuals from receiving part of the real estate commission and, since consumers are not licensed brokers, they cannot receive a rebate in Missouri.
  8. Oklahoma law prohibits real estate brokers from paying part of their commission to unlicensed individuals. Because consumers do not have real estate licenses, Oklahoma law prevents them from receiving rebates. Oklahoma consumers are unable to benefit from rebates that customers in other states may receive.
  9. Oregon law prohibits real estate brokers from paying part of their commission to unlicensed persons. As a result, because consumers do not have real estate licenses, Oregon law prevents them from receiving rebates. Oregon consumers are unable to benefit from rebates that consumers in other states may receive.
  10. In 2007, Tennessee passed a law that would prohibit payment of cash rebates to buyers and sellers of real estate. This law effectively overruled the decision by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission to permit such rebates. However, consumers can be issued gift cards or have commission reduced.

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