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In Claremont, Upland and other Pomona Valley communities, Mike Mendez Realty is your premier source for unrivaled realtor services. Trained by industry leaders Keller Williams, Mike combines professional expertise with extensive knowledge of local market conditions.


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Experienced and knowledgeable, Mike Mendez will accompany you through every step of the residential sales process. 

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Mike’s hands-on style extends throughout every phase of your home-buying journey. As a result, his streamlined procedures allow you to conduct your search with a minimum of fuss and hassle.


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Mike Mendez Realty is your hometown advantage for effective, lucrative property sales in the Claremont region. At all times, Mike and his team follow best practices for professional realtors.


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He provides a custom tailored report suited to your needs and answers all your questions.

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Mike Mendez Realty is your secret weapon for purchasing desirable residential property in Claremont and Upland. Like all top professionals in the industry, Mike handles all essential tasks with a focus on honesty and reliability. But that’s just the beginning of his client-centered approach. Mike combines his comprehensive awareness of the local market with the personal touch of a long-standing resident. His insights will help you identify properties that meet all of your most important quality-of-life criteria.

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Claremont, Upland and the surrounding area form a thriving market for real estate sales. This can be a plus or minus for local owners hoping to sell their residential property. On the plus side, homes sell throughout the region every day, and interest is ongoing. However, such a high volume of competing properties can make it harder for your listing to stand out from the crowd.


That’s where your trusted real estate professional comes in. Experienced, knowledgeable realtors will accompany you through every step of the residential sales process.